Sunshine and Rainbows

Everyone who had the opportunity to spend time with Olivia knows first hand that she was truly special.  Her innocence, caring, happiness, energy and love just flowed from her.  We all know she was special, but now we understand why Olivia was an angel in training and now with the help of everyone she touched, allowed her to earn her wings. 


We loved Olivia so much and we know she loved us so much in return. Olivia truly loved people, animals and of course, fishies. Her heart only contained love love for her parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, classmates, teachers, friends, and of course, her big boy Moose. She shined bright even when she was ill. Her memories will live on and give us the strength we will need; and, we know, we will be her number one assignment as an angel. She brought so much joy into our lives words cannot begin to express.  Our world was her world her mannerisms, her gestures, her love, her favorite sayings and activities.


We were able to give Olivia the moon and the stars, and in return Olivia gave us the sunshine and rainbows.


                      Blessed Parents,

                              Gary and Linda