Sapphires and Diamonds

"Olivia's Ring"

“Olivia is the Evening Star that sparkles and glitters and is the Gem of the Heavens who continues to give us the Sunshine and Rainbows.”

September BirthstoneSAPPHIRE

The month in which Olivia was born and, the month in which most babies are born.

A Sapphire is a “rainbow of colors,” according to Dan, the jeweler at Sands Jewelers in Richmond Heights, Ohio.


Symbol of truth, sincerity, and faithfulness; Sapphire is called the Gem of the Heavens and has always been one of the most precious jewels.

Sapphire is found in all the colors of the heavens: from midnight blue to the bright blue of noon sky in the Mediterranean, golden sunrise to fiery reddish-orange sunsets, and the delicate violet of twilight; Sapphires are available in every color but red, simply, because a red Sapphire would be called a ruby!

The Sapphire is the symbol of chaste love and is associated with the goddess Venus. Sapphires have long been the symbol for truth, luck and constancy. Because Sapphires represent divine favor, they were the gemstone of choice for kings and high priests; ancient kings wore Sapphires to protect them from harm.

Tradition holds that Moses was given the Ten Commandments on tablets of Sapphire, making it the most sacred gemstone.

A ring with a Sapphire stone is alleged to bring wisdom and compassion to its owner.

April Birthstone: DIAMOND

The month in which Olivia received her Angel wings.

Diamond … Bright as Venus, the Evening Star; they sparkle and glitter in the light!


Symbol of purity, invincibility, fearlessness, and good fortune.

The word "Diamond" comes from the Greek word "adamas" meaning unconquerable, in reference to the eternity of love.

The ancient Greeks believed that Diamonds were splinters of stars fallen to the earth.  It was even said that they were the tears of the Gods.

Ancient Hindus, finding Diamonds washed out of the ground after thunderstorms, believed they were created by bolts of lightning.

Called "The Venus Stone” because it is as bright as Venus, the Evening Star. Venus, known as the Goddess of Love, is perhaps another reason the Diamond became the symbol of love.

Diamonds are said to increase personal clarity to help one see things clearly as well as be straight-forward and honest.

In reflection, both of these precious jewels radiate the being of Olivia. The purity, invincibility, fearlessness and good fortune were embodied in our little girl.   The truth, sincerity, faithfulness and luck were part and parcel of Olivia.

Olivia's Ring was created by Sands Jewelers in memory of Olivia for her mother so that Olivia will continue to shine and sparkle for everyone to see, reflect, and remember.

"The splinters from the stars which have fallen to earth envelop the Gem of the Heavens. The tears of the Gods will bring her mother wisdom and compassion."

"Olivia is the Evening Star that sparkles and glitters and is the Gem of the Heavens who continues to give us the Sunshine and Rainbows."

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