Moose Crossed The Rainbow Bridge

October 2010 

It is with very deep sorrow and heartache to let you know Moose has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. He had been laying in the yard looking to cross the Bridge for a while, but, to get the sparkle back in his eyes, we had to let him go, by himself, though, we were at his side letting him know how much he was loved and how much enjoyment he brought into our lives. He also knew he would now see "Angel" Olivia when he crossed the Rainbow Bridge, as she was waiting for him.

The morning of Moose crossing the Rainbow Bridge, he watched the children get on the school bus from the driveway, as he always liked to do. A bit later in the morning, we all went to the park which allowed him to walk and sniff all those smells only a park has. He had the best time, and a wonderful, fun filled day. His day was fulfilled and then resting between both of us, what more could there be? He was content and felt the love as he fell into his eternal sleep.

As Moose crossed the Rainbow Bridge from home, the clouds parted and the sun shined, on the yellows, oranges, and reds of the leaves still in the trees. He was surrounded with unconditional love and the beauty of autumn all around him.

Moose came to live with us 13˝ years ago. He took on the role of confidante to Olivia when she arrived in the family a few years later. He taught her how we needed to be trained. He actually did a pretty good job! She had us wrapped, just like Moose did.

Through thick and thin, we had a Best Friend Forever, as he did, in us. Our memories are innumerable: the night we all spent camping, in wet sleeping bags and wet tent; Moose grabbing the toilet paper from off the roll in the bathroom and running throughout the house with it; Moose liked to go cross country skiing with us, swim, and play football or Frisbee , as well as, ALL the numerous road trips as a family. Moose was not only a great navigator, but, the best navigator.

In recent time, he liked to visit a local Rest Home. Residents and their families always asked if Moose was a therapy dog. Yes, he was a therapy dog, but, not officially sanctioned; he did not need to be. He sensed the needs of each resident and always had time to say hello to everyone.

We always had the best of times, and for that we are truly blessed. Moose lived in harmony with the chipmunks, squirrels, birds, bunnies and deer. He would watch and make sure they all had their fill of food and folly. The one morning when we thought we heard a bear, both Moose and I made a beeline for the house, without looking back. We both ran fast!

Moose loved children, his fellow two and four legged friends, our friends and our neighbors. He loved to have “company” visit, or to be “company” and visit others. He brought enjoyment to all. For friends and family who have visited, y’all know what we mean.

Many weeks back, Moose’s doc told us, his blood work is fine, his liver functions are normal, his kidney functions are normal, but, Moose is an old and tired dog. (Moose had genetic hip dysplasia which compounded his health issues.) He has a big, loving heart, and it will be up to us to let Moose go, as he will not be able to let us go, since his heart is so big. Once the sparkle left his eyes, we knew it was time. Moose was telling us the best he could. Moose was tired! We had to let Moose go. We always had Moose’s interests first, as hard as it was for us.

The house feels so very empty without our Big Boy Moose, who always wanted to be in the same room as us and was always ready to go for a ride in the buggy and navigate. Now we are learning to live Another New Normal. First a New Normal without Olivia, and now Another New Normal without Moose. The love-of-Moose will live in our hearts forever, and the memories Moose gave us leaves us heartbroken and blessed at the same time. We also know Olivia was there to greet Moose, as he crossed the Rainbow Bridge. For that reason alone, we are truly blessed, with our own little Angel Olivia and Big Boy Moose.

We know for certain dogs go to heaven, just as we know Moose was greeted by Olivia, the other love in his life, crossing the Rainbow Bridge to heaven, and will now spend all of his time, staying close to Olivia, where they both will watch over us.

Moose was Olivia’s “best buddy” throughout her life here on earth and now in heaven.

Peace and Heartfelt Blessings,

Parents of Olivia Augustus and "Big Boy" Moose




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