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I work for CA in NY and just visited your daughter's webpage. It is comforting to know that angels walk among us, disguised as beautiful little girls. I hope that Olivia's memories continue to lights up your lives, and bring you peace.



Lisa Gill-Murtha (West Sayville, NY )
May 23, 2003





Heaven has truly gained an Angel. Your music will herald the coming of every spring bringing us all out of the cold winter into the warm sunlight.



Mike Yakiemchuk (Islandia, NY )
May 21, 2003





God bless your little angel and know she is with you always.

Regards, Jeanette



Jeanette Sabino (Islandia, NY )
May 20, 2003





Olivia will be grately missed, she was the cutest little girl. Everytime i seen her w/ her mom & grandma shopping in giant eagle, she was sooo happy & cheerful, she will be gratefully missed, my prayers & thoughts go out to her family & friends.



Natasha Thompson (Cleveland, OH )
May 19, 2003





Olivia will never be forgotten.
Your sadness is shared.
With God Love Bernie



Bernadine Sunagel (Westlake, OH )
May 18, 2003





We pass along our deepest sympathies to your family. May God bless Olivia, as well as both of you.



Gary & Melissa Rowan (Mentor, OH )
May 9, 2003





When Andrea shared the news of your tragic loss, my heart ached for you. She spoke of such a loving child full of sunshine and grace. There is little one can say except I will keep you in my prayers and that little Oliva will be with you forever, watching over you, laughing and smiling.
God Bless,
Colleen Coesens



Colleen Coesens (Brecksville, OH )
May 6, 2003





My dear little Cousin Olivia, I miss you so much. I will forever see you in the blue skies and bright sunny days... and when Red runs among the dandelions, I wonder if you just may be there too. Love you lots- Your Cousin(s), Andrea (and Dave)



Andrea Elliott (North Royalton, OH )
May 6, 2003





I remember when I was going to start a new job at the Wade Park, VA. Lyndi said that she and Olivia could meet me at lunch to walk around the grounds at University Circle. I hesitated because I did not think that it was a safe place to walk. Lyndi assured me that “Olivia will protect you”. We never made that walk together, but I often walk it now during my lunch hour. As I walk around the lake at the art museum grounds and smell the sweet scent from the blooming trees, and feel the fresh breeze on my face, I almost feel Olivia’s presence. Yes, Olivia does protect me. She protects me from feelings of fear, worry, and all those other negative feelings, which we really need protection from.
When I think of Olivia, I think of everything that is pure and beautiful in life. God blessed this earth for a little while with Olivia. Perhaps he wanted her with Him in Paradise because that is where her purity belongs. There is no doubt that she is resting in His arms.
If time is relative in eternity, then her short stay with us can have more impact then one who has lived on earth for decades. She has touched so many of our lives with her love and beauty. When I picture her face, I will always think of the beauty and gifts in life. When I picture Olivia, I will always think of God, and how I need to live a better life. I will carry her protection through the rest of my days. Thank you Olivia, for enriching my life.



Dennis Ulichney (Barberton, OH )
May 5, 2003





We are going to miss you so much. I am so thankfull we were able to visit in January. So that we remeber you as happy and playing. Running and laughing with Kristen. Your spirit will always be in our hearts.
Love Always,
Steve, Angie, Kristen and Brooke



Angie Spiros (Post Falls, ID )
April 28, 2003





to the parents of Olivia: My husband and I were in the PICU with our daughter Sophia on the day that they brought Olivia into the hospital. As a mother, my heart breaks every day as I wonder how you are doing. My families thoughts and prayers are with you. May God give you peace and understanding and strength during this time of terrible loss.



sharon tredway (conneaut, OH )
April 28, 2003






What a beautiful name. I did not know you, or your parents, but heard of your passing from a friend

My dearest daughter Phoebe, preceeded you and I suspect has given you a warm welcome. I am greek and named Phoebe after a goddess of the children.

Fly well...



Jim Pournaras (Ft. Lauderdale)
April 27, 2003





A "special" little angel,
My thoughts of you from me.
A "special" place in heaven
Will now forever be.



Maie Currie (Toms River, NJ )
April 27, 2003





So sorry for your loss.
Love, Don



Don Rose (Dallas, TX )
April 27, 2003





In my memories you will always be as in the picture from your second birthday--happily running, wispy pale blonde hair in the breeze, a smile on your face and mischief in your eyes. Altough the earthly phase of your journey has ended, I wish you well where ever you are, where ever you go. I'm grateful to have known you, if even for a little while.

Love and Hugs, Aunt Maimu



Maimu Alber (Lakewood, OH )
April 26, 2003





Such a tremendous loss. I'll always remember her sweet nature.



Erol Sommer (Independence, OH )
April 26, 2003





Beautiful words for such a beautiful and radiant soul. Whenever I see a rainbow my thoughts will be of Olivia.



Lisa Sommer (Independence, OH )
April 26, 2003





Dear Gary and Lyndi, Our thoughts and prayers are with you and Olivia today. We love you, Jim and Linda Brennon



Jim Brennon (Gallatin, TN )
April 26, 2003





What can be said at a time like this? Yes, Thank God for the blessing of Olivia's presence in your lives while she was with you. Yet my heart is so sad that she was with you such a short time. I remember how happy I was to hear the news from you of her birth, and that we had chosen the same name for our newborn daughters. We had both waited so long before having children that their gift was such a wonderful blessing!
When I returned home with your sad message yesterday I couldn't relate it to Beth through the tears. We are truly so sorry for your loss.
With love and deepest condolences,
Randy Young and Beth O'Malley



Randy Young (Ellicott City, MD )
April 26, 2003





Our love and prayers are with you.



Don and Peggy Fontana (Plano, TX )
April 26, 2003






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